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Online Brands Need to Provide Value

Branding is the personality of the company. It does not matter if it is a physical location, many locations, or an Internet based company. Both types of business require advertising and promotion to establish their brand. Despite the teaching of the text (Laudon & Traver, E-commerce, 2010. p245) the methods they use will be similar and most likely will overlap between electronic, online and traditional mass media. The in-store brand is established through customer interaction with staff and merchandise. Online brand is forged through user experience, honesty, fairness, and trust (Laudon & Traver, E-commerce, 2010. p252). Each must provide a quality that the other does not in order to survive in the future.

The number one thing, an online company must do to increase the value of their brand is to provide value to the consumer – convenience, selection, or price.

Laudon, K.C., & Traver, C.G. (Ed.). (2010). The Internet and world wide web: e-commerce marketing. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions.

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